AlexusAustin1x1In our new series Why I Save, we are exploring the stories of young Arizonans who are choosing to save for college. They are amazing and determined young people who, with the help of Earn to Learn, are making their college dreams come true.

Meet Alexus Austin, a sophomore attending the University of Arizona who began saving her senior year in high school.

She learned early on that creating a budget could help her understand her spending limits and saving needs. After learning about the envelope method of saving at a Dave Ramsey workshop, she and her mother sat down to create her first budget.

That summer she knew what she would have to make in income to cover her Earn to Learn monthly savings goals, additional college savings, and personal expenses. Alexus also began establishing habits that would help curb her spending, such as packing a lunch and thinking creatively about fun things to do.

Alexus is living proof that you can start with nothing and not dig yourself into debt. She currently has no student loan debt due to the money saved through Earn to Learn, additional scholarships (AZ Assurance and FAFSA) and a part-time job. Congratulations, Alexus, for being an inspiration to us all!

Posted on: August 29, 2016