As we continue our Why I Save series, meet Anthony Danza, an incoming freshman at NAU who has been saving $42 fAnthony Danzaor college every month since October 2015. With matches received through Earn to Learn, Anthony saved over $2,600 that will go toward college expenses. He is also a recipient of NAU’s merit-based Lumberjack scholarship.

Anthony had originally been a student at Marana High School, but decided to take time off after a sibling was badly injured. Staying home to care for his older brother was life-changing. With a new outlook on life, Anthony started applying himself as a freshman at Canyon del Oro High School so that he could meet the requirements of the Lumberjack scholarship.

He realized early on that planning ahead would allow him to reach his goals, but that a supportive network of family and friends are what helped him make the smaller, daily steps toward those goals.

Four years later, Anthony reflects back on when he decided that he wanted to go to NAU, but knew that he would need to pay his way and cover additional college expenses. Having a goal was Anthony’s point of reference, and with the help of family and friends he stayed on course.

Anthony feels fortunate that his mother instilled the importance of a good education and helped to support him while raising a family. He is also grateful for meeting a group of friends in high school that helped him through the tough times, especially difficult Advanced Placement courses. They helped challenge him, while also helping him to discover his strengths.

Anthony’s goals for the future include a career in law enforcement. He hopes to work locally and then someday use his background in languages to address national security needs. Congratulations, Anthony, on reaching your current goals and best of luck with what will be a very exciting future!

Posted on: August 30, 2016