FullSizeRenderThroughout April Earn to Learn partnered with Lead Local and Starbucks to bring Career Café to our student savers. Career Café is a free, 3-hour workshop that gives young people the chance to learn basic “soft-skills” in hands-on meaningful ways while connecting with Starbucks partners and other professional volunteers in the community.

Our staff members and volunteers from Starbucks and Citi worked around the state as micro-mentors through the three workshop rotations designed to teach students about the science behind interpersonal interactions, personal work and communication styles, and the art of storytelling.

The micro-mentors shared real world insights and helped our savers gain confidence and basic professional skills. The events wrapped up with networking sessions where everyone got the chance to practice their new skills and build relationships.

What micro-mentors had to say:

Thank you for all of your support in helping to make Saturday’s event a successful one. Some of the highlights for me were seeing the students take attentive notes during Johnny’s networking session, watching a diverse group of students listen and engage with each other’s stories, and making new contacts to help promote Earn to Learn in Coolidge, Az. It was so nice to be able to work together and I look forward to future collaboration.”

– Hannah, Earn to Learn Success Coach

“This evening’s event went very well for us! There was a smaller turnout than expected, but it was still a success. Erin, from Earn to Learn, was great and had all of the materials ready to go for us. I’m excited to see how future Career Cafe’s will turn out. Thank you for this opportunity and I am planning of volunteering more to help this grow even further!”

– Danny, Starbucks Store Manager

“It was a really exciting event!  Tricia your team of managers were super engaged and really made the event fun for me and the youth there.  I was able to take part in the Storytelling section. The interviewing practice questions were a great chance to connect with the group we served.   Katie, I experienced what you shared about the workshops being easy to jump in and learn while facilitating.  We have a large event this weekend and am excited to see if come full circle.  The 3 hour small group option of career café is sustainable and really actionable for many groups.  Thanks for the work you do on this and for sharing it broadly.”

– Amanda, Starbucks District Manager