Daniela Ibarra spent the summer of 2017 as one of Hexagon Mining’s talented interns. She held a software support intern position in Tucson and assisted in company efforts around the globe while gaining valuable on-the-job experience before beginning her senior year at the University of Arizona.

As an electrical and chemical engineering student, Daniela is clearly passionate about her chosen field: “It was in my very first programming class that I decided I loved computer engineering, and I can’t wait to jump into learning Ruby along with other programming languages through this internship.”

Daniela learned about the internship through Earn to Learn’s Internship Program Pilot, which aims to connect UA students savers with local opportunities. It all began with the Internship Program kickoff in April, where she interacted with other savers, Earn to Learn staff, and key community members like Sherri Smith from the Society of Human Resource Management of Greater Tucson. While Daniela is confident about her developing skill set, she did have questions that Sherri helped to answer. “I liked her approach to thinking about a potential job workplace, the company culture is really important.” She found the opportunity through Earn to Learn’s Internship Connector newsletter and didn’t waste time getting her resume and introductory email together. “I went to Career Services right after the kickoff and found the peer mentors to be very knowledgeable and helpful. Then I went to a few friends for a final review before sending it off.”

After applying for the Hexagon Mining internship position, Daniela was invited for an interview. “I wasn’t that nervous, but wondered if I met all the qualifications of the position since I’m still learning.” Following the interview, she walked out feeling it had gone well, but she was happily surprised when her interviewer came out to offer her the internship. “My smile was so big it went from ear to ear. I was so happy that this internship would be my focus this summer.”

It has been a pleasure getting to know Daniela over the years here at Earn to Learn. At the past UA Evening of Honors, Daniela was given the Mighty Mentor award. She has mentored other students across campus, encourages high school students to attend college, and likes to volunteer when she can. She is the vice present of Women in Engineering, which empowers girls to pursue STEM careers. She credits Earn to Learn with helping her get here, “Nothing would have been possible if I didn’t have the underlying support of [your team].”

She also shares the Earn to Learn scholarship opportunity widely with young people she meets. “I told my whole high school to apply, and then made sure that my sister and her friends were on board.”

According to Daniela, staying involved has its benefits and this internship is no exception. “Earn to Learn has lots of resources, everything from the online financial courses through SALT to the programs and workshops we are invited to. I am a better saver and getting a better start to my figuring out my career.” We are so grateful to have motivated and passionate students like Daniela as a part of Earn to Learn.


Posted on: September 6, 2017