“I am motivated to save and participate in Earn to Learn because I know that saving is something that you learn by doing it and I can become a better and
more knowledgeable saver over time.”

Gabriel Diaz Perez, a freshman at Arizona State University, sees saving as a necessary thing to learn and shared his very practical perspective. “I can’t just go spending like a madman. It’s not always easy when you’re tempted by good meals and new electronics. I need to do what’s best for my future and preparing for the unexpected will help me be successful.”

As a new saver in the program he has been challenged to come up with the money for his monthly deposit, especially when there are other bills to pay. “In an emergency I’ll ask for a few more days, but I’m trying to be more prepared and plan ahead now.”

By picking up a few side jobs Gabriel is working towards building up a security net for tough times. “I became interested in learning about developing Android applications and started working at a small computer repair shop.” Gabriel’s ability to pick and learn things quickly keeps him busy, but he is excited to focus on his academic interest in sports and media studies. “I am most interested in the business side of the degree. Right now I am taking a communications class and really like learning about the art of persuasion and new presentation skills.”

Though it may seem like Gabriel has it all figured out, college didn’t start out that way. “Transitioning from high school to ASU was really hard. I would feel physically ill just thinking about my first day of classes last Fall.” Not knowing what to expect and worrying about making new friends were his biggest fears.

“In the past I was more reserved, but I knew that I would need to branch out and meet new people for friendship and to network for my career.” Gabriel made new friends, many like him who had interest in politics and technology. He also joined a couple clubs on campus. “I am lucky that I had the support of my family to get through all the nerves. They have always wanted me to go to college.”

We will be sure to check back with Gabriel to get updates on his college and career track and look forward to hearing more his experience of becoming a better saver.

Posted on: February 2, 2017