REV2013_college_depot_logo_color_typeOn April 30, 2016, the Central Earn to Learn Staff, Citi Bank and College Depot hosted an in-person Personal Finance Training for Phoenix area students who are interested in applying to Earn to Learn. This was an alternative and more hands-on option for students to complete a required step of the application process – the online personal finance training.

Citi LogoThirteen students and families attended the event and met with Earn to Learn, Citi Bank and College Depot Staff to learn more about banking basics, budgeting, credit and everyone’s favorite, free college money! The students were able to also complete their next step in applying to Earn to Learn by staying for an interview appointment with our Central Team. 

This was the second in-person Personal Finance Training in Phoenix and because of the success and dedication of our staff, Citi Bank, and College Depot and of course the prospective students, we will hold another event on December 3!  Look out for more information on our Events Page!