In our Why I Save series, we are meeting some of the amazing young people in the Earn to Learn program.

Let’s meet Jacqueline Noriega, a senior at the Northern Arizona University working toward a dual certification in elementary and special education.

Jacqueline enrolled iJacqueline Noreigan the Earn to Learn program when she was a freshman at NAU. She wishes she had started saving sooner, but her original plan was to join the Marines after high school. This all changed when she became pregnant and had to make new plans. She credits Earn to Learn with providing the knowledge and support she needed to make her new life a success.

Jacqueline especially appreciates the financial literacy training she received as a member of the Earn to Learn network. Not only was she saving money, but she was learning life skills around financial planning, budgeting, and purchasing a home. These learning opportunities quickly became her regular reminders to plan for the future.

These days Jacqueline is wrapping up her studies while taking care of a toddler. She and her husband are balancing life’s demands and taking on the challenges of growing up. The biggest challenge is not knowing what will come next. Jacqueline feels that she is better prepared to handle the curveballs of life with the knowledge and saving habits that she’s gained through Earn to Learn. She also is grateful for the kindness and patience of the Earn to Learn success coaches.

Following graduation Jacqueline will be staying in Tucson to work in the education field. Along with her training, she is able to see the potential in every child. She hopes to support and nurture that potential through her work. Thank you, Jacqueline, for your dedication to young futures! Yours will no doubt provide inspiration to the lives that you touch.

Posted on: August 30, 2016