jazzmina-redondoThe world is changing fast, and if there’s one person who can fill you in on all the updates it’s Jazzmina Redondo.

She has a passion for learning about new cultures through international experiences and bridging diverse perspectives. Recently she was selected as one of five University of Arizona students to attend the Charles Schwab IMPACT 2016 Conference in San Diego. “It was an incredible opportunity to learn from leading financial and international experts. One speaker encouraged us to be open-minded about outcomes given the dynamic interplay of various world events and issues. I am now more interested in geopolitics and how it affects international business.” Jazzmina also cited Magic Johnson’s talk on his life story and how working hard pays off.

She is no stranger to hard work and packs her schedule full with school, work, mentoring, and traveling. After returning from San Diego, she was off to Chicago and then Mexico to fulfill obligations related to her work with the University of Arizona Model UN. Providing international coordination, she recently attended the 2016 Model UN Conference in Chicago and advised student delegates as they participated in the various assemblies and councils. “It was amazing! We had 90 students delegates from UA this year. From my past experiences as a delegate and knowledge of international affairs I am happy to assist current delegates in any questions they have. I joined Model UN my freshman year and not only made great friends, but also broadened my awareness of the world outside of Tucson.” After Chicago, Jazzmina hopped on a flight to Chihuahua, Mexico where she facilitated a Model UN training for high school students. “I travel to Mexico, usually Hermosillo, once a month to run trainings that prepare high school students for an annual conference here in Tucson. Now in its 13th year, it is the only bi-lingual and bi-national conference in the US. Students from Mexico will join students from Tucson and Phoenix to discuss and debate issues ranging from human rights to atomic energy.”

It is hard to believe that all of this began while taking an AP English class at Desert View High School in Tucson. “I was sitting in class and noticed a poster on the wall talking about Earn to Learn. I knew that in order to go to college I would need to make it happen on my own.”

Through Earn to Learn and other scholarships Jazzmina became the first in her family to attend college. “It makes me happy that I can bring back what I’m learning to my family and community. I also like giving back to Earn to Learn through the mentor program.” At this month’s Earn to Learn UA Evening of Honors, Jazzmina was a presented with the Mighty Mentor award. “It has been great these past two years watching my mentees grow. It was important to not only provide them with information on resources, but also spark the needed relationships and connections that would make them feel a part of everything.” Jazzmina’s enthusiasm for creating connections among people, cultures, and perspectives is truly refreshing. We look forward to hearing more about her upcoming trip to Japan and future plans to attend graduate school for international business.

Posted on: December 1, 2016