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How will I be receiving my Earn to Learn scholarship?

Once you apply and are accepted to Earn to Learn, you will save $500 over the course of a year. Your savings will be match 8:1. Your scholarship will be applied over the course of two semesters in any given academic year. You will receive half of the disbursement in the first semester at your chose educational partner and half at the second semester at your chosen educational partner. Your savings and scholarship will be directly wire transferred to your educational partner.

What happens with the $500 that I save each year?

Your savings (up to $500) will be applied to the costs of attending your educational partner. Each year you save $500 and attend Arizona State University, the University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University or Pima Community College,  you will received an 8:1 match ($4,000) scholarship. Your savings (up to $500) will be wired to your educational partner.

What if I miss my monthly deposit?

Prior communication and approval from a Success Coach is required before the 15th of the month of a potential missed deposit. If you fail to make a monthly deposit to my matched savings account, without prior notice to an Earn to Learn Staff and completion of a Saver Plan of Action, it may result in your immediate termination from the Earn to Learn Program.

Can I save more than $500?

Yes. You are encouraged to remain in the Earn to Learn program every year you are at our Educational Partners! Every year you can save $500 to be matched with $4,000!

What if I cannot save $500?

You will have at least six months to save he $500. Your Success Coach will help you set up a Savings Plan with your monthly savings goal to reach $500.

Can I just deposit the full $500 into the matched savings account without having to save it monthly?

No. You must save for a minimum of 6 consecutive months prior to receiving any funds and/or the start of each year  at your chosen education partner.

What If I decide to go to Community College first?

Students wishing to transfer from Community College to ASU, NAU or UA are eligible for Earn to Learn. Current or incoming Pima Community College students are also eligible for Earn to Learn.

Can I apply my Earn to Learn Scholarship to Community College?

Yes. Current or incoming Pima Community College students are also eligible for Earn to Learn. All other Community College students are encouraged to apply to Earn to Learn if they plan to transfer to ASU, NAU or UA.

What will my Earn to Learn scholarship cover?

Your savings and scholarship funds will be applied to tuition and fees at your chosen education partner.

What happens if I have started saving, but end up going to an out-of-state school?

Your full savings will be returned to you. You will not receive the matched scholarship.

What if I’m hoping to attend college out of state, can I still apply for E2L?

Earn to Learn prioritizes students hoping to attend ASU, NAU or UA. If you are planning to attend one of these universities as a first or second choice, please apply here.

What colleges or universities can I use Earn to Learn at?

Arizona State University (ASU), Northern Arizona University (NAU), University of Arizona (UA) and Pima Community College (PCC)

I’m not sure when and which school I plan to attend. Do I need to be accepted by the community college/university before applying for the scholarship?

You can be accepted to Earn to Learn before being accepted to the community college/university. You will receive your scholarship once accepted and enrolled at one of our educational partners.

Am I still eligible for the scholarship if I already have a full ride?

Earn to Learn works in conjunction with most other financial aid and scholarships. If you have specific questions about how Earn to Learn works with your financial aid package, please contact the financial aid office of your university. 

What if my family’s financial situation changes after I’ve been enrolled in the program? Could I lose my scholarship?

Earn to Learn students must meet the financial eligibility requirements every year that they are enrolled in the program. If your household’s financial situation changes, please contact us directly so we can best assist you.

My parents are not legal residents of Arizona. Can I still apply/qualify?

Yes. As long as a student is an Arizona resident and are eligible for the FAFSA, that student can apply for Earn to Learn! (see eligibility) Earn to Learn does not collect identification, social security numbers, or information about the residency or citizenship status for any other members of the household except for the student applying. 

I am a Dreamer or DACA student, can I apply?

No. Undocumented students, including DACA students and Dreamers, are not eligible for federal student aid. However, you may be eligible for state or college financial aid so check with each school you are applying to and visit Scholarships AZ for a listing of scholarships available to students regardless of immigration status.

What if I am already enrolled at a state university?

Students already enrolled at a state university cannot apply for Earn to Learn.  The only exception are Native American students enrolled at NAU.  These students are encouraged to apply. 

I live with my parents but they do not support me financially. Can I apply on my own?

For Earn to Learn, along with our funders, a household must meet the income  requirements when applying to the program. The term “household” is in accordance with the definition of household on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  For dependent students, the definition can be found here.  For independent students, the definition is here. Dependency status can be determined by following this link.  If, according to the FAFSA, you are a dependent household, then your parents will need to provide information on the FAFSA and to Earn to Learn.

I live on-campus. I have a job. Do I still need to include my parents for the application process?

If you file as a dependent student on the FAFSA, your parents will need to report financial and identifying information on your FAFSA form.  Earn to Learn follows the dependency definitions used by FAFSA.  

Can siblings apply?

Yes! If your siblings meet the eligibility requirements too!

Can I deposit electronically?

Earn to Learn partners with three financial institutions that offer no-fee accounts to participating students: Vantage West, Hughes Federal Credit Union, and Alliance Bank of Arizona.  Each financial institution has a variety of services available to students.  Please visit our financial institutions page to learn more about these three partners!

What does matching savings account mean?

Earn to Learn offers an 8:1 savings match, meaning that for every $1 you save as part of the program, you are eligible to receive another $8. So when you save $500, you will be eligible for a $4,000 match. As a custodial-like account withdraws are not possible without prior authorization from ETL staff. When you are eligible, matching funds held in a separate account are transferred and applied to your student account.

How much do I need to save each month?

You will set up a savings plan with your Success Coach each year you are in Earn to Learn and agree to adhere to that plan by signing the terms and conditions of Earn to Learn. The minimum deposit amount is $25 and the maximum is $84.

Outside of the Scholarship, what other services does Earn to Learn provide?

Earn to Learn provides support to all Earn to Learn students from the first day of college to graduation.  These services include one-on-one Success Coaching to students who want extra assistance meeting educational or financial goals, social events, networking opportunities with local employers near each of our educational partners, and volunteer opportunities.  Earn to Learn also requires all students to complete 12 hours of personal finance training online.  Finally, Earn to Learn can work with both applicant and student savers individually to refer them to additional supports at our educational partners or in the community that can help them attain success in higher education. 

Do I have to be full-time to receive this scholarship?

Yes. To be eligible for Earn to Learn, you must maintain a minimum of 12 credits at either the University of Arizona, Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University or Pima Community College. Contact a Success Coach in your region if you are currently enrolled in Earn to Learn and have additional questions about this requirement.

Will I have funding for both years?

The Earn to Learn scholarship is available to students to utilize for two years depending on on-going funding as long students remain eligible and continue to save $500 each year.

If I have completed an undergraduate program can this scholarship be used for a graduate program?

No, this scholarship cannot be applied to a graduate program.