Meet Rachel Rogowski, a saver who does her homework to know how to best plan for the future. “When I was 18 I decided to move out and get my own apartment. This wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t built up my credit.”

This planning helped Rachel again when she began thinking about college. “I had dreamed of attending the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona and I did the research to know what scholarship and aid programs available to low-income students would be the best use of my time.”

She discovered Earn to Learn and knew that the combination of funding and financial literacy education was in line with her needs. “I learned a lot through classes in high school, and Earn to Learn helped me keep learning, about loans and planning for the future.”

She defines financial literacy as “what you know about finances so that becoming an adult isn’t as much of a challenge.” This transition still wasn’t easy and her financial reality needed to be balanced with her life as a young college student. Having financial support has allowed Rachel to take calculated risks to help launch her career.

“I am constantly looking for new opportunities, and last summer I decided to do an internship through Dream Careers. In my internship I supported a large youth-focused nonprofit while they were in transition and learned a lot about how nonprofits work. I also worked with a small startup in their pre-launch phase. It was great experience in the workplace. Throughout the internship, I attended amazing workshops, networking events and seminars. It was the real-world experience that I really needed.”

It is clear that with Rachel’s organization, determined spirit, and business acumen, she will go far. She teaches us that not only should we be thrifty with our money, we should also try to be efficient with the use of our time.

Posted on: October 6, 2016