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Our 4th annual Evening of Honors at the University of Arizona was a touching ceremony that celebrated our current student savers, their families, and our generous donors and sponsors. Earn to Learn also recognized the first graduating class of the program; 31 students at the UA are getting their diplomas this year after successfully saving for the past four years.

The event took place on a lovely fall evening in front of the historic Old Main building, as family, friends, and supporters congregated to acknowledge the achievements and dedication of Earn to Learn students.

Earn to Learn mother Christina Ballesteros touched the audience with her passionate story of how the program helped her children save for and attend University of Arizona, a reality that she never thought possible. Keynote speaker Dr. Melissa Vito expressed the pride the UA administration has in the program, and also announced that this year’s Earn to Learn graduates would be receiving distinctive dressings to wear with their cap and gowns to reflect their participation in the program.

Earn to Learn student Karen Munoz highlighted how the program has not simply helped ease her tuition burden but provided her with the tools for lifelong financial independence and responsibility. Student saver Genesis Matthew Perez Florendo entertained the audience with an animated soliloquy about the sense of community and support the program has provided at the UA.

Throughout the night, we were reminded of the lasting impact that Earn to Learn has on students, families, universities, and the community as a whole. We look forward to the continued success of our students and celebrating again with them next year!

The Cast of UA Evening of Honors 2016

Speaker: Kate Hoffman

Speaker: Cristie Street

Student Speakers: Karen Munoz, Genesis Matthew Perez Florendo

Keynote speaker: Dr. Melissa Vito

Parent speaker: Christina Ballesteros

Student Awards:

Program Pro:  Marleen Ibarra, Maisha Kamalebo, Kayla Bright

The Mighty Mentor: Annette Sanchez, Jazzmina Redondo, Dany Ibarra

Finishing Strong: Lizbeth Encinas, Nikita Stepanek, Deborah Lee

SuperMom: Itzel Montano, Khadija Abdi

Share the Wealth: Crystal Raygoza

iPad raffle winner: Sedona Boccardo

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