Viridiana Morales is on track to graduate early pre-nursing from the University of Arizona and also will complete a bachelor’s in psychology and a minor in sociology.viridiana-morales All of this and she works full-time holding down multiple jobs.

When things get tough, she turns to music. “With so much going on, I can get stressed and often start to think and rethink my work or decisions. When this happens, I pick up my guitar and will play a little song that I make up. Freestyling helps to calm me down and take my mind off things.”

Viridiana first became connected to music in elementary school when she played the violin. “As part of band I had the opportunity to travel abroad to Italy and perform in a New Year’s parade. I’ve continued learning new instruments, including the clarinet, piano, guitar and electric guitar.”

Family also plays an important role in Viridiana’s life. “I am the first child in my family to go to college. My older brother didn’t have the same opportunity, but he is a huge source of motivation for me. I don’t take this privilege for granted, and decided to work hard in high school so that I could get into college and find scholarships. My family and my boyfriend have supported me in my goals.”

She first heard about the Earn to Learn program through a friend and applied her senior year in high school. “Saving through Earn to Learn has helped reinforce the importance of saving in my life. I take money very seriously, and with the money that I earn through my jobs I now save not only for college, but also for my future.”

Viridiana plans to attend nursing school following her early graduation from UA. “I would like to pursue pediatric nursing. Helping children to feel better and smile again is my goal. I think that my studies in pre-nursing and psychology will help me reach this goal.”

Working toward a goal is just one of the strengths that will make Viridiana successful in this career path. When asked about the biggest challenge she’s faced in college, she shared that often her daily list of things to do gets sidetracked when she picks up shifts for coworkers. “I am a pretty helpful person, and I always end up covering other people’s shifts. My day fills up, and after classes and homework everything else gets pushed to the next day.”

Viridiana’s helpful, kind, positive and driven personality makes her the type of nurse anyone would be very lucky to have.

Posted on: November 21, 2016