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This revolutionary “savings to scholarship” program empowers low- to moderate-income students in Arizona to successfully complete college through matched-savings scholarships, financial education, and success coaching. Eligible students complete personal finance training and establish a habit of savings by making a minimum of six consecutive deposits totaling $500 in an Earn to Learn savings account. They then receive an 8:1 match on their savings, up to $4,000 per year for tuition and related costs at Arizona universities and community colleges.


More Than 3,000 Participants

Earn to Learn’s holistic model is already yielding impressive results. Initial data demonstrate a first-year retention rate approaching 90%. Based on the more than 3,000 students who have participated so far, Earn to Learn is often the difference between dropping out and earning a degree. Compared to their Pell-eligible peers, Earn to Learn Scholars are up to twice as likely to complete a degree or post-secondary certification within six years. Because of Earn to Learn, the American dream of achieving higher education is possible for many who may not otherwise have considered it.

Earn to Learn Scholars

Earn to Learn scholars graduate from college at rates well above the national average, and nearly half avoid student loan debt entirely. Those who do borrow carry less than $10,000 total, versus a statewide average of nearly $25,000. Our support services connect Scholars to each other, their schools, and their community, creating systems and skills that see through graduation and beyond. Scholar stats include:





Investors & Mentors

You Can Help Our Scholars Achieve a Higher Education

Earn to Learn is supported by businesses, financial institutions, nonprofits, educators, credit counselors and others committed to enhancing the economic well-being of Arizonans. All recognize that higher education is the primary mechanism of upward economic mobility for low-income individuals and is essential to reducing poverty and improving local communities.

Earn to Learn Partners

Earn to Learn is a collaborative effort between the Arizona Board of Regents, Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, the University of Arizona, Maricopa Community Colleges and Pima Community College. Together, we provide students with the opportunity, incentive, education and support critical to become successful scholars. Click below to learn more about our participating institutions of higher learning.