Miranda Yousif

“I am getting so much more out of Earn to Learn than a scholarship. Earn to Learn taught me to consider the impact of my decisions, whether that’s financial or what classes I’m taking.”

Celestine Taieb

Earn to Learn has enabled Celestine Taieb to worry less about her finances and spend more of her energy on campus activities that are preparing her for life after college.

Antonio Acuña

As a kid, Antonio Acuña dreamed of exploring space. Enrolling in Earn to Learn showed Antonio that saving and financing his college experience wasn’t rocket science.

Daniela Ibarra

Daniela Ibarra spent the summer of 2017 as one of Hexagon Mining’s talented interns. She held a software support intern position in Tucson and assisted in company efforts around the globe while [...]

Christian Hernandez

Have you ever wondered why people select a certain major? For some the answer may be simple, and for others there are more twists and turns in their academic journey. Knowing this was an [...]

Katrina Verduzco

“One bad grade doesn’t define me as a student. I told myself that I deserved to be here at college and one class as an incoming freshman wouldn’t determine my future.” It is easy to see that [...]

Maisha Kamalebo

Maisha Kamalebo, a freshman at the University of Arizona, recently learned that by the year 2025 most jobs will require post-secondary education. He knows that by being the first in his family to [...]

Isabel Rojas

As a freshman at Northern Arizona University, Isabel Rojas has mixed feelings about her new surroundings. “There have been happy and sad moments being away from home for the first time.” [...]