Celestine continues to be on the move since we first spoke with her last fall-literally!
She is continuing to work as a volunteer with Latino Outdoors, where they have begun to partner with the US Forest Service and expose more of the local Latinx community to the great outdoors. She is beginning a new position as a Peer Facilitator for the Adventure and Wildlands class at NAU, where she will be mentoring students and planning outdoor excursions. Through hands-on experiences like hiking, mountain biking, and exploring local parks, she will be helping to facilitate conversations around environmental justice and philosophy.

Celestine is always looking for career opportunities that meet at the intersection of education and outdoor exploration, and her summer position as a Program Instructor and Staff Member of the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program (DDCSP) allowed her to apply her skills and expertise to her career goals. Through the DDCSP, a prestigious national conservation-focused program, Celestine was able to teach and advise a diverse group of students from across the country while also getting to explore the great states of both Arizona and Utah, along with the beautiful lands of the Navajo Nation and the Hopi Reservation. Now that she is starting her final year at NAU, she hopes to continue to pursue a career in outdoor conservation and is excited at the possibility of exploring further outside of Arizona at one of our beautiful national parks.

She encourages other students who are interested in a career related to Parks and Recreation Management to prioritize time management and find a balance between looking to the future and embracing the right now. Celestine is a big believer in using a planner and has committed herself to waking early and checking emails – small habits that free up time to explore other interests and activities. She advises that it’s ok to say “No” from time to time – you don’t want to overcommit and spread yourself too thin.

She also appreciates that Earn to Learn is a long-term commitment and that it helps students make responsible choices: “It’s not just an easy click – it forces you to plan and helps you practice time management. It also helps you save money and is great practice for budgeting after college.” Because of her hard work and commitment to her education and career, along with the resources Earn to Learn has been able to provide, Celestine is well on her way to a bright and promising future in outdoor education!