Since we first spoke to Daniela last fall, she has continued to demonstrate her drive and commitment to her future. After completing her internship at Hexagon Mining, she moved onto internship opportunities at both IBM and American Express. Daniela is now heading into her final year at the University of Arizona, while continuing to work as a software development intern at IBM.

As she starts to consider life after college, Daniela’s goal is to work at an established local company like IBM or explore her options out of state at a software startup where she can put her talents and expertise to good use, before returning to Arizona and putting down roots.

Daniela credits her opportunities at IBM and American Express to the experience she gained first as an intern at Hexagon Mining, a position she obtained as a result of working closely with the Earn to Learn staff. As Daniela shared, her time at Hexagon gave her the ability to try on several different roles and “Companies like to see real-world experiences outside of the classroom, and both IBM and American Express liked that they could see on my resume how flexible I was and how diverse my experience was.”

She credits Earn to Learn for not only helping to improve her financial literacy, but also in helping her to develop professionally. Attending internship-readiness workshops and getting her resume prepped by the Earn to Learn staff pushed her to be a strong candidate for quality positions.

Daniela’s advice for other students? If they’re a junior or younger, “Start early! Find internships or career opportunities. Get your resume together, and start preparing for hypothetical interviews.” And if they’re a senior, “Find internships for the school year through local companies. Experience is key, and if you’re unable to find an internship, look to obtain a position on campus as a volunteer research assistant.” Most importantly, “Start as early as you can, and don’t be afraid to ask for help! I know a lot of people can be intimidated by the success coaches at Earn to Learn, but they’re so helpful and they’re there to guide you!”

Posted 09.11.18