Lizbeth Encinas believes in maximizing her options to ensure a bright future while minimizing uncertainty.

“When I started at UA I finished the prerequisites for both nursing and Eller. Either a career in nursing or business sounded interesting.” Now a junior in the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management, Lizbeth is happy with her decision to go the business route.

“It helped that my family is really supportive. When I had to make the decision, they asked me where did I see myself being happier.” Lizbeth is excelling academically and recently received the Finishing Strong award at the Earn to Learn Evening of Honors ceremony. This award goes to ETL savers with senior standing who have outstanding GPAs. They have successfully managed their monthly deposits and extracurricular activities while maintaining GPAs above a 3.8. Along with her academic responsibilities, Lizbeth works as a Residence Assistant on campus. “I have awesome residents who make my job easy. I really enjoy getting to take part in their first year experience and helping them using what I’ve learned as a student at UA.”

Lizbeth joined Earn to Learn as a senior in high school after receiving a postcard in the mail. “The opportunity sounded too good to be true. It became real after I met Maggie for my first interview.”

For someone who avoids uncertainty, the program is an asset. “You never know what’s going to happen. Having savings reduces that uncertainty. I am more confident in my financial independence because of what I’ve learned through Earn to Learn and the SALT courses.”

Lizbeth is a true supporter of the program and now has two siblings who are saving. Joshua is studying engineering at ASU and Janeth was recently enrolled in Earn to Learn and will be starting at UA in fall 2017. “I am very grateful for the Earn to Learn opportunity and happy that my family is part of the program.”

Lizbeth Encinas (left) with her brother Joshua (center) at his high school graduation and sister Janeth (right).

Posted on: January 12, 2017