Michelle Sharifi has been an Earn to Learn saver since November 2013. She began her college career at Arizona State University in the fall 2014. Michelle is currently a sophomore and is majoring in biology.

“My biggest challenge in life has been my financial obstacles that I have faced. Although I still struggle with this issue, Earn to learn has given me opportunities that can help. I am able to continue my education thanks to Earn to Learn and have taken steps to improve. Little by little I can learn to better manage my money. Realizing the importance of receiving aid has made me more humble. I can better appreciate the privileges I have. As a student, it definitely makes me work harder and keeps me motivated to study longer and better. In return, I have had a lot of involvement in my community throughout my college career. I have worked with the American Red Cross and taught fire safety and preparedness courses, along with CPR courses to local boys and girls clubs throughout the valley. This opportunity has taught me my full potential. ┬áThank you Earn to Learn! ” Michelle Sharifi

Posted on: May 2, 2016