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The Earn to Learn scholarship is offered at multiple institutions of higher education, and eligibility requirements can vary at each institution. There are several eligibility requirements that are standard for Earn to Learn across all institutions.

To qualify for Earn to Learn, you must:

  • Enroll as a full-time student (minimum of 12 credit hours / units)
  • Enroll in a degree-seeking program
  • Qualify to receive Federal Financial Aid
  • Qualify to receive $1 or more from the Federal Pell Grant
  • Qualify for in-state tuition

Click on the college or university you plan to attend to see additional eligibility requirements specific to that institution.

Timeline / Important Dates

Earn to Learn Deadlines

Students Entering ASU, NAU, UA, Pima Community College or Maricopa Community College Fall 2020, or prior.– the application period closed on November 8th, 2019. Complete our Fall 2021 Early Interest Form now and we will contact you as the August 1st, 2020 application period approaches. Earn to Learn requires all students to be fully enrolled in the program and saving in an Earn to Learn matched savings account at least six months prior to starting school at ASU, NAU, UA, Maricopa Community Colleges or Pima Community College. If you have questions, contact or visit our Resource Page.

Priority Deadlines For FAFSA Submission

Priority deadlines are when the FAFSA needs to be submitted to the educational partner for a student to be considered for the maximum amount of aid available. Students should complete the FAFSA prior to these dates. Click the button below to get started on your FAFSA!

ASU – January 1

NAU Sophomore & above – February 1

UA – March 1

Pima Community College – February 1

Maricopa Community Colleges – ???

Program Application Process & Documents

1 | Pre-Application

Before completing the Pre-Application, please check Earn to Learn Eligibility Requirements. Click here to view deadlines and begin the Early Interest or Pre-Application Form.

2 | Personal Finance Training

You are required to take an online Personal Finance Training through Financial Literacy 101. This is an introduction to Financial Literacy and Education. The course is automatically emailed to you after completing the Pre-Application. Please check your email regularly.

3 | Eligibility Appointment

After completing the Personal Finance Training, you will be directed to an online applicant portal to submit your documents. Then you will be contacted by one of Earn to Learn’s success coaches to attend an eligibility appointment. During this phone appointment you will learn more about the Earn to Learn scholarship and review your documents.

4 | Income Verification

Earn to Learn will look at your application and supporting documents to confirm your eligibility.

5 | Enrollment Appointment

After being approved for Earn to Learn through Income Verification, you are required to meet with a success coach to officially become an Earn to Learn saver! You will fill out a savings plan with your success coach and learn all the rules of the Earn to Learn program. You will also be given all the information and paperwork to open a Matched Savings Account and begin saving.

6 | Savings Plan

Earn to Learn will help you create your own savings plan, with the amount you need to save, the savings term, and your savings due date. You will set up an individual savings plan in line with your abilities. You must save for at least six consecutive months and reach $500 each year.

7 | Earn to Learn Scholarship!

Each semester the Earn to Learn team will send your scholarship directly to the educational partner of your choice (ASU, NAU, UA, MCC or PCC) for tuition and fees. The total amount of $4,500 is split into two semesters of $2,250 each.