Delia WitheyProgram Manager

Delia grew up in a tiny farm town in Connecticut, outnumbered 4 to 1 by dairy cows and 6 to 1 by chickens.

She received her bachelor of liberal arts from Mount Holyoke College, the first all-women’s college in the United States. Delia was able to explore Limerick, Ireland, during her junior year abroad and launched from there to discover new adventures in Scotland, Italy, and France. This started a bit of a love affair with travel and all the exciting exploits that come with it.

She has worked for the oldest nonprofit arts organization in America, managed real estate offices in both Boston and Flagstaff, AZ, and recently delighted in academic advising at Northern Arizona University.

When not at work Delia enjoys hiking with her rescue dog all around the gorgeous southwest, skiing in the winter, woodburning at her kitchen table, sipping a local microbrew, and listening to some Talking Heads.

Delia will talk your ear off about the difficulties of obtaining a Chinese visa, what temperature hardwoods burn at, and how Earn to Learn can make your college aspirations a reality. Just ask!